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Betsy Hanson is a Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, Choir Director, Vocal Arranger, Workshop Facilitator and Music Mentor based in Hobart, Tasmania Australia. She directs several Choirs and conducts Singing Workshops, in Australia and Overseas. She also teaches music to High School Students in Alternative Education. She has a beautiful adult daughte and is loving life doing what she is passionate about - music.





Jan Boyanich is the Manager and Events Co-ordinator and makes sure everything is golden! She is an amazing ball of energy, passion and has a wicked bluesy voice too! She and Betsy also share the same birthday (as well as many other hilarious similarities) Pictured here with the beautiful Clare Bowditch! 

I have known Betsy for almost 20 years, and have seen her in a variety of roles, including: group leader, performer, friend, business woman, choir leader and others.
Betsy’s joyful acceptance of everyone she meets brings out the best in everyone around her. As a choir leader, her deep knowledge and understanding of music, singing, and voice work, combined with an ability to intensely focus in a relaxed manner on the task at hand, calls forth the best efforts of those she works with. Her own beautiful voice easily demonstrates what she is wanting from the various members of the choir. The result is usually a delicately crafted, harmonious and emotionally satisfying choral work.
— Fern Harding-Vertigan